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Orthon is an association offering the opportunity to live different sport experiences in the open air, in a land where the weather is always nice, even in winter. Our idea has its origins in the tradition of our town: Siracusa, a town with long history. It was founded by Greek settlers many centuries ago (734 b.C.)  It flourished and became a big city. It also had sporting success at the ancient Olympic Games. And even today, on the example of the great athletes of the past, we practice sport with passion. We develop the project “Orthon”. This project is named after Orthon, a Sicilian athlete of the past.     

We address to all athletes who practice Endurance training and who wish to carry out their training in mild climate areas.

Scheduling both intense workout or special finishing training sessions, before a major sporting event, without interrupting the training due to bad weather conditions, brings benefits to the performance and increases the personal gratification.​ Training for marathons, ironman triathlon, Olympic triathlon or medium triathlon, becycle stage races, open water swimming races, etc. needs several hours of open air training.

Thanks to our assistance, athletes have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of unspoilt nature with mild temperatures, ranging between 12 °C - 20 °C, which remain mild even in winter. ​The climatic conditions of this stretch of Sicilian coast and our organizational support allow you to perform your planned workout with precision, to verify the results obtained, to reduce the probability of injuries and to appreciate the sacrifices you make.

Siracusa & surroundings

Choose Syracuse to practice Endurance training doesn't only mean meet a mild climate during the winter season, but also find the ideal city to spend free time out of the training program.

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