We remain at your disposal to assist and advise you to customize your stay depending on your needs. We provide our customers a full and personalized package to make their stay unforgettable. 

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Choose to stay in the city of Syracuse to practice your favourite sports!  Just fill in the form or send us an e-mail.

If you do not have your own training plan, we can offer a weekly program that can be set up, depending on the number of participants

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Customize your stay

We are glad to advise you and help you to customize your stay according to your needs and preferences.

We offer to our guests a complete and customizable package of services to make their stay as comfortable as possible and to make them live a unique sporting experience.

Luxurious accomodation

Archinuè | Suites & Apartments

The accommodation we offer are located in the city center, a few minutes walk from the historic center and the main sites of interest. We offer luxury apartments that can be shared by two or more people, featuring equipped kitchen, living room and hot tub.

Airport transfer

We provide reliable shuttle service from/to the airport and/or train station. The shuttle service is always available for the Guests, during their stay. They can easily reach all the nice places we select for their outdoor sports activities.

Sport & Spot


There are several nature reserves in the neighborhood and a nice coastline, both rocky and sandy. It is possible to swim in the “Plemmirio Nature Reserve” and in “Vendicari Nature Reserve”, enjoying  crystal clear waters and amazing seabeds, very rich in fish fauna, that is now used to human presence.

Here the coast is indented and there are some headlands. This particular conformation always allows flat sea conditions, on one of the two sides of the various coastal headlands. The sandy beaches in the bays of Arenella and Fontane Bianche are amazing.

The conditions are ideal for free swimming and, in addition, it is also possible to practice other water sports along the coast, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sup (stand up paddle), surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, canoeing.



There are many places to be discovered by running in this area. We can give good advice to our Guests and plan different routes, according to Guests’ needs and preferences. A nice bicycle path  (about 7 km) runs through the town. The path (dirt track) was built on the old rails of a railway. It runs along the coast, overlooking the sea, offering glimpses of an enchanting sea, with amazing  colours. It also has access to the seashore: at La Tonnara (the old trap for tuna fishing), at the cove of “Piliceddi" and at the sea stack of “Due FratiA dive into the sea is the ideal cool-down to relax your muscles after a hard workout.Fonte Ciane combines nature and mythology. The route goes through the papyrus plants, that still grow spontaneously in the area, and crosses bridges that allow you to discover the lovely Ciane river and to learn some captivating legends of the Greek mithology: the Nymph Ciane, the young Anapo, etc. The Nature Reserve is very popular with the people who love nature walks, jogging, mountain biking, etc.


Bike MTB

The area offers nature trails both on the hills and on the plains, with different intensity and duration. From the coast to the valley of Pantalica, a famous nature reserve, up to the town of Palazzolo Acreide. It is possible to plan bike tours (up to about six hours), starting from the city of Syracuse up to the area of ​​Modica and Ragusa, two charming towns in baroque style. If you prefer a challenging experience, you can reach the mountain slopes of the Mt. Etna, in the district of Catania, where you can appreciate the highest volcano in Europe and its stunning views.​



and trekking in Pantalica Vallery

The Guests can choose all these activities, according to defined and customizable weekly programs. Furthermore, these activities can be also enriched by field tests with specific coaches and equipment, in sports facilities, selected by the organization in order to perform finishing workouts: athletics track, 50 metre swimming pools (outdoor) and 25 metre swimming pools (indoor), gyms, velodrome, roller skating rink, etc.An interesting possibility for our guests: interrupting the monotony of their training by inserting alternative activities, such us water sports (sup, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, etc.) or mountain sports (climbing, trekking, etc.), in order to regenerate their mind and body.


Choose to stay in the city of Syracuse to practice your favourite sports!

Choose Syracuse!  


Just fill in the form or send us an e-mail.

If you do not have your own training plan, we can offer a weekly program that can be set up, depending on the number of participants

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