Sport Experience

Orthon is an organizational structure that offers the opportunity to live different sports experiences in the open air, in a land with a favorable climate even in winter. Our idea has its origins in ancient Greece, when the city of Syracuse experienced its maximum splendor in the Olympic games. Like the great protagonists of the past we project ourselves to our days to discover Orthon.

We appeal to all athletes who practice Endurance training and who wish to train in mild weather spots.


Performing intensive training loads or particular finishing training cycles , close to an important sporting event, without interruptions due to adverse weather conditions, brings benefits to performance and increases personal gratification.
Prepare one marathon , ironman , Olympic or medium triathlon, stage cycling tour , open water swimming competition etc … involves several hours of training in the open air.

Thanks to our assistance, athletes have the opportunity to take advantage of all the advantages of unspoiled nature with temperatures ranging between 12 ° – 20 °, which remain mild even in winter. The climatic conditions of this stretch of coast and ours organizational support allow to carry out the planned training with precision , to verify the results obtained, to reduce the probability of injuries and to appreciate the sacrifices incurred.