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Syracuse and surroundings 

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Choosing a town like Syracuse in order to practice Endurance training does not only mean enjoying sunny days and mild temperature during the winter season, but also finding the ideal town to spend your free time, outside of the training program.

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The pleasant climate, relatively dry in autumn and winter, allows you to visit this stretch of coast enjoying the beaches, the sea and the excursions in the middle of nature.  Siracusa is a top destination in Sicily, with over 28 centuries of history, art and culture. It offers to the visitors an artistic and cultural heritage, from the classical age to the Baroque era, and all the attractions a tourist can expect during a trip: art and culture, architecture, sandy beaches and crystal sea, delicious food of the Mediterranean cuisine, unspoiled nature of the nature reserves.

Island of Ortigia​

No doubt that the most evocative part of the city is the historic center: the island of Ortigia. Wandering through the maze of alleys of the island of Ortigia means breathing a timeless atmosphere, reading the different eras through the architecture of its buildings, being surprised by the unexpected views over the blue sea, etc.

Outside Ortigia

Outside the historic center (Ortigia island) you can visit the amazing  Archaeological Park of Neapolis. It is an extraordinary complex that allows visitors to enjoy nature, archeology, history and myth. You can admire the Greek Theater and a worldwide famous Greek drama festival, attracting people from all over the world. And when you leave the usual tourist itineraries, you can find out that Siracusa offers enchanted places, all off the beaten paths. The “Latomie” (stone quarries, excavated since the Greek era), the huge complex of the catacombs, the cycle path that runs along the crystal clear sea, the ruins of the Eurialo Castle, overlooking the town,  offering breathtaking views, especially at the sunset.​

The surroundings

of Siracusa

In the district of Siracusa you can visit the best expressions of Sicilian Baroque and you can find lovely fisherman villages, heritage of a fascinating timeless world.

The city of Noto is often bright, thanks to its baroque buildings and cozy streets, where you can admire churches, palaces, decorative motifs, domes, etc. The town is always charming, but in May it offers the celebrated “Infiorata “ a flower festival, allowing you to admire the colours of the Sicilian spring at their best: one of the main streets of the city centre is entirely decorated with flower compositions.

Driving off the beaten path, in the heart of the Anapo Valley, you can visit the cozy village of Palazzolo Acreide, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking through the tiny streets of its medieval quarter, you can  discover hidden gems: the secret and unusual Sicily, beautiful places, where time seems to have stopped.  In Palazzolo there is also a colourful and funny Carnival, one of the oldest in Sicily, with a nice parade of bizarre figures mounted on floats and with the local carnival masks.

The nature

In the surroundings of Siracusa you can discover the beauty of unspoiled nature and fascinating spots where you can workout and spend your free time.

There are many nature reserves for interesting excursions through rocky coasts, unspoilt sandy beaches and birdwatchers' paradises.



With family

Family holidays are the best way to encourage kids and teens to discover and appreciate places unknown to them. Siracusa is an exceptional destination to approach nature, art and history. In the heart of Siracusa, in The Giudecca, the old Jewish quarter, there is an old tradition: the Sicilian puppet theatre (Opera dei Pupi). The performances are suitable for all ages and tell stories of chivalry and honour, battles of Charlemagne and the paladins, lives of Saints, etc.

The food

Intensive training also requires a healthy and balanced diet.

Sicily is the cradle of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Fruits and vegetables match perfectly with the local fish, providing a low calorie diet, boosting your metabolism.

Many restaurants serve delicious local food: unique fresh fish and vegetables recipes. The typical street market in Ortigia (Siracusa city centre) offers the opportunity to choose amazing local food, wandering round the picturesque market stalls. You can cook it yourself, getting inspired by the traditional local cuisine, with charming Greek, Arab and Mediterranean influences.

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