Around the city of Syracuse arise the best expressions of Sicilian Baroque and seaside villages that preserve a timeless world.
The city of Noto dazzles with the white light of its buildings and its streets, to be traveled looking upwards so as not to lose ornamental motifs and domes that soar into the sky.
In May, the city offers the Infiorata which every year covers the streets of the historic center with a magnificent flowery carpet.
In the heart of the
Valle dell’Anapo rises the small and remote village of Palazzolo Acreide, which often does not appear in the most famous itineraries. Walking through the tiny streets of its medieval quarter allows you to savor the wealth that is hidden in the smallest, unknown and still in time Sicily.
It is here that one of the oldest carnivals on the island takes place with the parade of allegorical floats and the characteristic Syracusan masks.