The Week Experience package consists of a training program for all levels with two daily sessions alternating between swimming in open water, cycling on flat and hilly routes, running immersed in nature. Field test and race simulation on the final day. Recreation and water sports. Spot: nature reserves and tour of the Baroque by bike. Bike and equipment rental. Welcome pack: polo shirt with organization logo.

Programma Week Experience



Morning – Arrival at the airport, transfer to Syracuse and accommodation in the apartment. For those who arrive in the morning, I swim in the sea to settle in.


Afternoon – Optional bike ride through the historic center to discover the city, with welcome drink at sunset.



Morning – Medium distance and hilly bike route to evaluate the different levels, along the south coast. (Duration approximately 2-3 hours). Departure at 8:00 and return at 11:00.


Afternoon – Slow medium distance swim to evaluate the different levels, immersed in the Plemmirio nature reserve. (Hours 14:00 – 16:00)



Morning – Bike medium-long route with climbs to discover the Baroque cities “Giro del Barocco”: Syracuse-Noto-Palazzolo. Departure at 8:00 and return at 13:00.


Afternoon – Progressive medium distance run along the Syracuse cycle path. (Hours 16:00 – 17:00)



Morning – Swimming session in the blue waters of the Antica Tonnara starting from the rock “Musciarà”. Followed by a medium cycle route on the plains – “Giro del mare”. (Hours 09:00 – 12:00)


Afternoon – Average 10 km ride among the papyrus plants, in the “Fonte Ciane” nature reserve which combines nature and mythology. (Hours 16:00 – 17:00)



Morning – Bike on a hilly route to the Pantalica nature reserve. Departure at 8:00 and return at 11:00.


Afternoon – Running training along the city coast starting from the dirt bike path and through the streets of the historic center of Ortigia. (Hours 16:00 – 18:00)



Morning – Open water swimming session at Fontane Bianche bay. (Hours 09:00 – 11:00)


Afternoon – Recreational and regenerative activities. Water sports: surfing, sup etc ..



Morning – Last day, sprint triathlon simulation test or Olympic triathlon. (Hours 09:00 – 12:00)


Afternoon – Free for leisure or other activities and luggage preparation.



Morning – Cheek – out


Afternoon – Transfer to the airport and departure.

The 7-night Triathlon Camp includes a welcome package and transfer service from airport / station to accommodation, with assistance on training days.

The training program is divided into three levels of difficulty: easy for beginners / medium for masters or periods of unloading / intense for elites or masters who have to carry out important training loads for long distance.

The Plan includes two daily sessions alternating between swimming in open water, cycling on flat and hilly routes, running immersed in nature.

Field test and race simulation on the final day, with the inclusion of a day of recreational activities and water sports for the enjoyment of all athletes, family members and carers.

An assistance service is provided during training.

At sea with SUP staff and rescue license, signaling buoys for swimming, mechanical assistance by bike and logistic support with nine-seater minivan car, inside which it is possible to keep the luggage of athletes and sports equipment.
The same car carries out the transport of bikes with a bike carrier for up to 12 bicycles, either owned by the athlete or supplied by Orthon Sport.

Assistance is also guaranteed as an escort for athletes during all training sessions for cycling and running. At any time the athlete can get on the minivan to receive assistance, mechanical support, have the first aid kit or continue the tour by car.

Spot: nature reserves and tour of the Baroque by bike.

Our geographical area is characterized by the variety of nature reserves and long rocky and sandy coasts . The coast is indented and pointed. This particular conformation always guarantees flat sea conditions on one of the two sides.

Swimming training takes place either within the protected marine area of Plemmirio; or at the Arenella coast or inside the Fontane Bianca bay, depending on the sea and wind conditions. For the more experienced, it is possible to swim in the open sea, with our supervision, in the south east part of the city, inside the old trap of Syracuse. Swimming distances vary from 600 meters up to 3000 or 5000 meters (see image swimming routes).

The bike routes include training sessions on hilly roads of 70 km up to an altitude of 500 m with a total ascent / descent of 894m. Flat routes of 70/90 km that can be done both in total relaxation and at intense speeds. Finally, the evocative “tour of the baroque”. The latter is a bike ride of 105 km or more, starting from Syracuse, visiting the most important cities of the Baroque such as Noto and Palazzolo Acreide, with climbs up to an altitude of 1,000m and lunch in the city of Modica. For the more willing who want to get back on the bike, the complete tour is over 200 km away.

The race will mainly take place in safe routes closed to urban traffic.

There are numerous places to discover by running , planning routes of varying distances up to distances for marathon runners.

A cycle path of about 7 km runs through the heart of the city. Built in beaten earth on the old rails of a railway, it runs along part of the city offering glimpses of an enchanting sea, with colorful colors. It is characterized by three descents into the sea: the ancient trap of Syracuse , the inlet of the ” piliceddi ” and the rock of the ” two friars “. A dip in the sea is the ideal cool-down to relax the muscles after the fatigue of a hard running workout. Ideal for different types of training: slow running, fast running, medium running and long repetitions.

Fonte Ciane combines nature and mythology. The path goes through the papyrus plants that still spontaneously arise today, crosses bridges that lead to the discovery of the Ciane river and to appreciate the legend of the Ciane Nymph and the young Anapo . Cross-country route, suitable for running on slow, medium and long repetitions of 1,000m. at 5,000 m.

Bike and equipment rental

It is possible to rent Specialized brand racing bikes sizes 52-54-56-58 with both aluminum and carbon frames and pedals with look system. Helmets are also supplied.

Discover the equipment available

Pacchetti Triathlon Camp

I nostri pacchetti Sport Experience nella Città di Siracusa

Weekend Experience


Il programma intenso prevede un giro in bici alla scoperta delle città barocche, sessioni di nuoto in acque libere e corsa in aree naturali protette. Anche questo piano è organizzato per essere accessibile a ogni livello. Noleggio bici e attrezzature. Pachetto di benvenuto: T-shirt con logo dell'organizzazione.

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Week Experience


Programma di allenamento per tutti i livelli con due sessioni giornaliere alternate tra nuoto in acque libere, bici in percorsi pianeggianti e collinari, corsa immersi nella natura. Test da campo e simulazione gara nella giornata conclusiva. Attività ricreative e sport acquatici. Spot: riserve naturali e tour del Barocco in bici. Noleggio bici e attrezzature. Pacchetto di benvenuto: T-shirt con logo dell’organizzazione..


Lunga Permanenza


Rivolto ad atleti élite, in base al vostro programma di allenamento provvederemo a organizzare percorsi e spostamenti. Il programma verrà sottoposto alla vostra approvazione prima della conferma del soggiorno con i dettagli su: distanze, altimetrie, caratteristiche del suolo e del mare.

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